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To become a client of Blue Claw, first an annual service contract must be executed at one of the three service levels. Once a homeowner becomes a client, all of the remaining service options are opened up and our company is now 'on call' to assist you in the management of your property.

We encourage clients to then purchase blocks of hours up front to obtain the best value for their anticipated needs.

We do this so that we are 100% focused on our clients and not spending time providing quotes for non-clients. We value our clients!

Our Services can be divided into the following categories:

  1. Home & Property Check/Inspection Services – Annual Fee
  2. Concierge Services  – Purchased in blocks of hours
  3. Home Services – Provided by Up Front Quote & Separate Contract
  4. Special Projects – Provided by Up Front Quote & Separate Contract

I. Our 3 Levels of Annual Service Contracts


2 Property Checks/Inspections each month between
September – April
(16 total visits)



Annual Fee: $1,000.00


4 Property Checks/Inspections each month between
September – April
(32 total visits)



Annual Fee: $1,800.00


4 Property Checks/Inspections each month between
September – April
and 2 each month between
May - August
(40 total visits)

Annual Fee: $2,200.00

Blue Claw Property ManagementOur Annual Service Contracts are paid upon signing the initial contract.  Each time we perform our Property Check/Inspection service we run through a rigorous 40-point checklist on our cloud-based software system. We provide photography and video services to document your property all throughout the process. We then upload the media to the cloud, which you, as a client, have access to 24/7 365 days a year.  Over time this builds a catalog of image documentation of your real estate investment!

Upon completion of each inspection, we will provide you with a Property Status Report (PSR). If there are any areas of concern, we will bring them to your attention and provide our professional recommendation as to the best options to proceed.

With your feedback, we will provide quotes for any of the work that you would like, and once approved by you, we will proceed to handle everything from start to finish!

II. Our Concierge Services

No one wants to be burdened with a huge to do list while on vacation!   Blue Claw has a solution to keep your time focused on enjoying your vacation and still getting everything done:  Our Concierge Services!

Our Concierge Services include just about anything you would need help with such as errands, grocery shopping, meeting utility providers at your home, taking automobiles for servicing, picking up & dropping off dry cleaning, home organizing, bill paying & more!

Clients are able to buy blocks of time which they can then use up and refill as needed.  This way you are sure to get 100% of the time that you decide to purchase – no billing surprises on the back end!

Concierge Services Pricing

Block of 10 hours

$ 680.00

Block of 20 hours

$ 1,320.00

Block of 50 hours

$ 3,125.00

Block of 100 hours

$ 5,950.00.

* Services authorized without a pre-paid block are billed at a rate of $70 per man hour.

III. Our Home Services


Blue Claw Property ManagementMaintaining a home requires constant care and maintenance.   We can relieve you of the hassle of having to spend your time calling different companies, dealing with them, remembering to schedule them, and being on site to supervise them.  We handle all of that for you!

With our decades of experience in the home services industry, our professional employees and preferred & vetted service providers are able to take care of all of your home service needs promptly, professionally, on time, and on budget.

Some of the home services we provide / coordinate include: house cleaning & maid services, window cleaning, painting, home technology, landscaping maintenance & installation, power washing, carpet cleaning, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, and more!

For each service that you would like us to provide, we will provide a quotation before any work is to be done.  Once you have authorized the quotation, we will schedule the work.  No surprises!

IV. Special Projects

Blue Claw Property Management

Special Projects are handled like home services but typically they are a one time only installation or renovation projects such as an addition, remodelling, shingling, roofing, or even planning a large party, etc.

For each Special Project that you would like us to provide, we will coordinate a planning meeting, develop a strategic plan, and provide a project outline with a schedule.

We will then assemble a team of licensed and insured professionals required to complete the project and put together a comprehensive proposal for your review. Upon acceptance, the project will be scheduled, and then commence. Throughout the project we act as your representative to make sure it is completed on time, within budget, and to the highest standards of quality!

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